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About Us

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About Colossal

Colossal Security is part of Colossal Group; a professional, dependable private security company that prides itself on providing a responsive, competent and outstanding range of high level support across all aspects of security. Colossal Group was set up by Ex Royal Marine, Lee Kirton, whose vision was to create a market leading group of companies.

Our expertise lie within the quality of all our employees whose professionalism resonates through every corner of our services provided. We understand our clients need to react to the ever changing globalisation of all industries, forcing companies to move into more challenging regions. Colossal Group provide bespoke solutions to organisations from all industries within worldwide regions of operations.

Want to know more about Colossal Group, then visit our group site here.

Our People

The team at Colossal have a broad spectrum of dynamic and technical skillset to ensure we offer each and every client a service that is as bespoke as it is precise.

Our Ethics

Colossal Security minimises its global footprint through local resourcing and upholding our commitment to ISO standards regardless of the operating surroundings.
Colossal Security operate throughout the globe, preserving excellent cultural awareness through Local knowledge is essential so that we can remain ethical within all situations.
Colossal Security are continuously conducting external and internal audits to keep abreast with ever changing regulations.
All Colossal Security employees are informed of the Training code of conduct which helps maintain a commensurate standard collectively.

Our Values

Colossal Security is committed to being an equal opportunities employer creating opportunities for individuals from any background or ability.
Integrity is the foundation of trust between Colossal Security and our customers.
Colossal Security practice anti bribery and corruption procedures throughout our business units with regular audits and training.
Colossal Security perpetually strive to achieve a superior standard of operation throughout all commitments.
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